OAL Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation

OAL is a recognised Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation for the following Apprenticeships:

  • Food & Drink Process Operator
  • Food & Drink Advanced Process Operator
  • Furniture Manufacturer

We are also aiming to apply to offer all the remaining food & drink standards, retail and other generic areas.

Why Us?

Occupational Awards expects the highest standards of its staff in the delivery of customer service. We aim to provide the best possible service at all times to support all of the people involved in the apprenticeship process.

We work closely with employers and employer representative organisations to ensure our offer meets the needs of the industry

We are passionate about providing apprenticeships that are relevant to the needs of employers and learners, and which provide the skills and knowledge needed for both business and individuals’ successes.

Our Commitments and Priorities

Our commitment to the industries we work with is to offer a full portfolio of innovative qualifications, end-assessments, products and services to meet all the relevant trailblazer standards. We are busy developing these products and you will start to see these being released over the coming weeks.

Our priority is to offer an end-to-end service for all the trailblazer standards we offer, including mandated qualifications, qualifications to support learning detailed within the standard, supporting documentation to aid delivery, end-assessments and related products and services. Our portfolio will include all the food and drink trailblazer standards, furniture manufacturing, retail, management and continuous improvement

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