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Getting your CSCS card

From the 1st October 2017 all construction workers need to have an occupationally specific CSCS card to get on site. These cards replace CRO cards.

CSCS cards provide proof that the individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the work they are carrying out.

To get your valid CSCS card you need to:

  1. Contact us today. We offer the recognised qualifications required to gain your CSCS card.
  2. We will put you in touch with training providers who can deliver the qualification you need. The training provider you choose can register you on the appropriate qualification.
  3. Once you are registered on the qualification and have passed the relevant CITB health, safety and environment test you can apply for a temporary CSCS card.
  4. You have 12 months from registering on the qualification to achieve your qualification.
  5. On completion of the qualification you can apply for a skilled five year CSCS card.

Contact us today by email or phone: or 01235 432 032.

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