UK quality, International delivery. World class impact.

Occupational Awards Ltd (OAL) is a UK regulated awarding organisation who is developing and awarding UK approved qualifications across the world.

You cannot beat OAL when it comes to the awarding of internationally recognised qualifications and consultancy services which help employers, providers, governments and individuals realise their full skills potential.

OAL takes pride in the unique way that it builds mutually beneficial partnerships and long-term sustainable relationships with employers, training and education providers, regional and national governments, donors and world class skills organisations across the globe.  First and foremost, all our work is tailored to support the specific needs and ambitions of its customers, helping them build robust capacity and capability to achieve more through skilled employees, resulting in a cost effective and fully sustainable solution. OAL is without doubt international best practice at its best.

Our job is to support your skills development into your next job and to keep you there.

OAL will help you Diagnose the issue, Develop the most appropriate skills solution, and support the Delivery to create impact.

Our service is proven to deliver an efficient, flexible and customer focused approach to qualifications development, delivery and certification.

Our specialist industry focus gives customers the skills they want, in the way they need, through nationally recognised qualifications, as well as tailored qualifications to meet specific country and employer needs. Being at the forefront of international best practice, OAL has already delivered numerous high impact solutions that are fit for purpose across Asia, Europe in some of the most commercial and socially political challenging environments.

Working in partnership with employers and training providers and education establishments and institutes, we ensure that our global qualifications provision is:

  • responsive
  • flexible
  • rigorous and robust
  • quality assured
  • internationally recognised
  • World class in every way

Whether you need niche, specialist, highly technical qualifications or generic soft skills, OAL will utilise its global experience for your benefit.

Award winning customer service

Put simply, our customer support and service leads the way. We are proud of our excellent customer service as we always focus on providing a personalised service for our centres and learners. Our registration and certification processes are fast and efficient, supported by our dedicated customer services team.

Working smarter for you

We are working smarter and harder for our customers so that you don’t have to! From centre approval to qualification certification, we have reduced bureaucracy through our smart secure online systems, saving you valuable time and money. Being smart with our processes delivers rigor without rigidity as our qualifications always exceed regulatory requirements.

World-class UK qualifications

The range of skills needed by businesses in today’s global economy are broad and demanding. Which is why we offer a huge range of specialised, nationally recognised vocational qualifications. Our quality assurance and accreditation of in-company training programmes gives you real flexibility in using and developing qualifications and skill programmes which meet your needs.

Secure E-Certificates

Rest assured that achievement through OAL is easy to confirm and reduces the risk of potential fraudulent qualification claims. All learners successfully achieving an OAL qualification are issued with an e-certificate that includes a unique AuthentiQual QR code, which allows online certificate confirmation to be sure your employers are looking at the genuine article.

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