As informed experts in qualification and apprenticeship standards we are consistently professional and we place quality at the heart of everything we do.


Through a collaborative, disciplined, strategic approach in our work, we maximise our collective knowledge, experience and expertise to embrace discovery of the possible and expose new insight and additional value generation.


We promote loyalty to our business and help each other to succeed – respecting the individual contributions of all in support of our common goals.


By supporting each other, working together and collaborating we can achieve greater success.


By consulting with each other and having excellent communication we can ensure we are all involved in developing all to succeed, grow and achieve their goals.


We’re honourable, trustworthy and fair in all that we do.  As a not-for profit organisation we do what we say we will in an ethical manner.


We develop quality products and services valued by our customers and stakeholders.  We provide value for money whilst harnessing technology to provide greater sustainability of resources.