Automotive company fined after worker loses finger

21st March 2016

A Birmingham-based automotive company has been fined after a worker lost his finger. Birmingham Magistrates’ Court heard how a welder at Lander Automotives Limited was expected to work on a variety of jobs as required by production. While he was working on a machine the employee’s glove became entangled in the drill bit. He suffered partial amputation to the third finger on his right hand.


Solar panel specialists in court for roof light fall failings

21st March 2016

A solar panel firm has been £153,000 after a worker was seriously injured in a fall through a fragile roof light at a private home in Kent


Chemical company fined £200,000 following toxic chemical release

16th March 2016

A chemical company was sentenced today in Leeds Crown Court for safety breaches when a very toxic chemical was ejected under pressure. A company maintenance technician unintentionally opened a valve on top of an isotanker at Syngenta Ltd’s Huddersfield plant resulting in the release of between 3.5 and 3.8 tonnes of paraquat dichloride solution. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted the firm over the incident. 200000-following-toxic-chemical-release/

National crane company fined £750,000 for two deaths after collapse

15th March 2016

A national crane hire company has been sentenced for failings that led to the death of two men as a crane collapsed in London. Southwark Crown Court heard crane operator Jonathan Cloke, 37, died after falling from the crane as it collapsed. It fell onto Michael Alexa, 23, a member of the public, and also killed him.


Incident on semi-automatic cross-cut saw

Focus on

A worker at a pallet manufacturer lost three fingers on his left hand when assisting the operator of a semiautomatic cross cut saw by loading material and removing off-cuts.


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