Our end-point assessment services for the maintenance and operations engineering technician apprenticeship standard are now live

This apprenticeship standard covers 7 specialist roles electrical technicians, mechanical technicians, control and instrumentation technicians, wind turbine technician, electrical system and process control technicians, electromechanical technicians and plant operations technicians.

Currently OAL provides end-point assessment for 2 of the specialist roles; electrical and mechanical technicians. Please contact us if you have technicians completing one of the other specialist roles.

This apprenticeship has been designed by a range of employers to ensure that both new entrants and those interested in progressing a career in the sector have an opportunity to develop the right skills, knowledge and behaviours. This apprenticeship is a fantastic way of developing these skills whilst learning and gaining experience at work.

At the end of the programme apprentices will:

  • locate, and rectify faults on plant and equipment
  • inspect and maintain appropriate plant and equipment to meet operational requirements
  • assess and test the performance and condition of plant and equipment
  • read, understand and interpret information and work in compliance with technical specifications and supporting documentation
  • communicate, handover and confirm that the appropriate engineering process has been completed to specification.

End Point Assessment for a Maintenance Operations and Engineering Technician

The end-point assessment includes three distinct components:

  • a knowledge test of 30 multiple-choice questions
  • a practical observation will be based on a set of tasks that relate to the specific role they are working towards. Typically the practical observation will be no longer than a day
  • a technical interview between the apprentice and two independent assessors.  The technical interview will be based on an evidence portfolio complied by the apprentice. The apprentice is required to submit the evidence portfolio to support the technical interview at gateway.

To achieve final certification, apprentices must have completed and achieved a minimum of a pass in each end-point assessment components.

Download the end-point assessment specification.

Maintenance Operation and Engineering Technician Apprenticeship Standard

At OAL we currently provide end-point assessment services for the maintenance and operations engineering technician standard (MOET).

To view the standard, please click here.

What are the requirements for EPA?

The Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician apprenticeship will typically take 36 – 42 months depending on the availability of assets and activities, with the end-point assessment taken in the last 6 months. Performance in the end-point assessment will determine the grade awarded: distinction, merit, pass or fail.

Employers must satisfy themselves that apprentices are ready for their end point assessment. Apprentices must demonstrate that they meet the following criteria:

  • Achieved a minimum level 2 English and maths
  • Satisfactory completion of the formal training plan agreed with the apprentice by the employer
  • Sufficient evidence in the form of a portfolio to allow the apprentice to consistently demonstrate knowledge, skills and behaviours as described in the standard.

End-point assessment grading

The apprenticeship will be graded distinction, merit, pass or fail. The final grade will be determined by collective performance in the three assessment tools in the end-point assessment. The weighting of the assessment methods is: 40% on the technical interview, 40% practical observation and 20% on the knowledge assessment. A points system relating to the mark achieved in each assessment tool, will determine if the apprentice has achieved a distinction, merit, pass or fail and is described below:

  • Distinction – minimum of 24 Points (10.5 Points in Technical Interview + 10.5 points in practical observation + 3 Points Knowledge Assessment). An apprentice will only achieve a distinction if they have performed at distinction level in both the technical interview and practical observation
  • Merit – minimum of 15.5 Points (7.0 Points the Technical Interview + 7 points in the practical observation + 1.5 Points Knowledge Assessment). An apprentice will only achieve a merit if they have performed at merit level in both the Technical Interview and practical observation
  • Pass – minimum of 8.5 Points (i.e. a minimum of pass in all 3 elements).