The new OAL level 2 bakery qualification is now live  and open for learner registrations, following a period of industry consultation and development.

This level 2 diploma in bakery supports vocational skills, knowledge and behaviours provision for the baker apprenticeship standard; meaning it is the mandated qualification for the baker apprenticeship standard.

It is made up of three pathways which relate specifically to the options available in the apprenticeship standard for craft bakers, in-store bakers or automated bakers.  A fourth pathway is also available for use within full-time learning, like study programmes in FE Colleges. In this pathway the choice of units is very broad so that colleges can develop the content of programmes to reflect the skills needs of learners and the local community.

Revision of the bakery qualifications had not taken place for seven years. Since the development of the original proficiency and professional qualifications we have seen the QCF disappear and the baker apprenticeship standard developed and launched. Revision of the qualifications was therefore long overdue. Through this qualification, inline with policy trends, we have considerably increased the rigour of assessment as well as implementing grading ie. fail-pass-merit-distinction. Thanks to development input from both employers and well-respected training providers and colleges within the sector, we feel this qualification is both robust and fit for purpose. We are confident it will genuinely raise the bar in the development of skills, knowledge and behaviours needed by the bakery sector.

View the qualification here.

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