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Sue Morgan

End-Point Assessment Delivery Manager

Sue is the key contact and the lynchpin of the OAL EPA business – customers will look to Sue to support the planning and delivery of their EPA activities. She will manage the quality assurance of our end-point assessment services and driving our Independent Assessor team forward to continuously improve. Critically she will be supporting assessors in their grading judgments, standardisation practice, training and development to add validity and rigor to our processes. Her role will also involve taking part in moderation sessions with our Chief Moderators to ensure that there is fairness and consistency across all judgements made for the results issued by OAL.

Sue has extensive experience, delivering to a very high standard across teaching, training, development and quality assurance in a variety of settings, especially to the Food and Drink Sector. Her most recent experience has been as Director at Valkyrie Support Services where she was joint owner of the company for over eight years. She has been responsible for programme writing, delivery of apprenticeships and bespoke training, driving quality and improvements and supporting the teams of assessors and IQAs. Her experience and qualifications have driven her desire to strive for continuous improvement, which is demonstrated in everything that she does.

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