Occupational Awards Limited has been working with the National Association of Shopfitters, a number of employers and Didac Ltd to develop a new shopfitting installation qualification to meet SICCS card requirements.  This follows the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) withdrawal of the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) Card.

The new qualification will allow installers to apply for the SICCS Card and gain access to construction sites.

The Scheme (SICCS) aims to provide the following benefits to employers:

  • identification of operatives with recognised industry skills, competence and qualifications
  • better quality of work
  • improved health and safety awareness amongst the workforce of the shopfitting and interior contracting sector
  • provision of training standards to equip individuals with relevant skills to enter the industry
  • a move to a qualified and carded workforce, which will help to improve customer satisfaction and the industry’s image

This qualification has been designed to develop and assess the competent performance of those involved in shop fitting, so they have the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to work effectively in their role.

For more information on the SICCS Card please visit the National Association of Shopfitters website.

For more information on the qualification click here.

For more information on the CRO Card withdrawal please visit the CSCS website.

If you are affected by the removal of the CRO CSCS Card, please contact OAL to see how we can help you.