Preparing your apprentices for their End Point Assessments (EPAs) should be straight-forward and stress-free, writes Lee Reddington, OAL Head of Customer Support. All apprentices must now complete an EPA at the end of their training; instead of continual assessments throughout their programme.

Top Ten Tips
for a Stress-free EPA

Following our six top tips will ensure your apprentices truly shine in their assessments and reflect well on themselves, you their training provider and their employer.

  • Know your stuff

    Make sure you and the apprentice have read the assessment plan and the Standard Handbook provided by OAL and are fully prepared

  • Prepare your learner and employer

    Make sure everyone is aware of what is happening on the assessment date – employer, provider, apprentice, surrounding colleagues

  • Plan and prepare

    Complete and share with apprentice, employer and provider a clear schedule of activity so there are no surprises.

  • Use the tools provided

    Ensure you use the schedule tasks form for the observation requirements and upload to the Gateway section of EPA Live

  • Use the tools provided

    Ensure you use the schedule tasks form for the observation requirements and upload to the Gateway section of EPA Live

  • Timings

    Double check assessment timings

  • Communicate with your apprentice

    Make sure that the apprentice understands exactly what will happen on the day with each activity

  • Practice, practice, practice

    There is a copy of all our assessment documents in your standard handbook please use them to prepare the apprentice for each assessment activity

  • Is your apprentice ready?

    Be 100% sure your apprentice is ready and comfortable with what is going to happen at End Point Assessment

  • Relax

    Let them know the Independent Assessors are nice people and that they are keen for the apprentice to showcase their abilities and do well – but they will not give them any feedback as they are not allowed to

Top Ten Tips
for a Successful

  • Align to the standard

    Make sure the portfolio presented aligns to the standard statements that are being assessed.

  • Hitting the mark

    Only include what is necessary for the assessment method- remember they are timed so don’t give the IA unnecessary information and miss out key information to meet the assessment plan criteria.

  • Map it out

    Use the indexes supplied in Standard Handbook- they are there to help ensure you present information for each of the portfolio sections.

  • Labels

    Clearly label everything

  • Simply the Best

    Make it easy to find information

  • Volume control

    Select only the strongest pieces of work

  • Depth and breadth

    When selecting evidence, think ‘is there enough depth and breadth’ as that starts to take you into Merit or Distinction criteria

  • Own it

    Ensure the apprentice demonstrates where they have taken active responsibility and ownership

  • Understand the business

    Ensure the apprentice presents information that clearly demonstrates their enhanced understanding of the business

  • Include passwords etc.

    If submitting the portfolio using OneFile please make sure the account and password is accessible for the Independent Assessor on a Word Document on the Gateway Section of EPA Live

Download our top ten portfolio tips