EPA and OAL Online Support

Online Sessions

Please name the sessions so it is clear on the system . For example Apprentice name, Remote/ Face to , Full / Part EPA. And ensure if the session is a resit that the components are added within the session title.

Examples below:

Apprentice Name, Remote, Full EPA
Apprentice Name, Face to Face, Full EPA
Apprentice Name, Remote Resit Knowledge Test


Most Standards have a 12 week EPA window unless stated in the specific Standard Assessment Plan. The EPA period starts at Gateway Approval . The 12 week window also includes any resit time. It is imperative that any resits are completed timely.

Site Postcodes

As we move towards more face to face assessments. Please make sure that the site postcode is correct as this is what is linked to the Independent Assessors. If the site details have changed please notify Customer Services. The site postcode should match the Site health and Safety and Risk Assessment form uploaded at Gateway.

Documents to view on the Creatio Document Library

Bookings and Cancellation Policy
Site Health and Safety and Risk Assessment Form (for face to face visits)