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Awarding qualifications and assessing apprentices are two distinct strands of our business. Thanks to our dual status we are able to offer a strong and streamlined service to employers, training providers and colleges alike


There are a number of ways in which our customers can access our qualifications and the expert support which comes as standard.

  1. Become a centre – Achieving centre status with us means that you can provide our regulated qualifications to learners. Our centre approval application has 4 steps.
  2. Use one of our approved centres – We have a strong stable of approved centres which includes training, providers, colleges and universities who can deliver the qualifications you need.

We offer a range of EPA services to support employers and training providers at this new and critical stage of the apprentice journey.

  1. Appoint us as your EPA organisation – Whether you are an employer, a training provider or a college you can appoint us as your EPA organisation to gain access to our effective and efficient end-point assessment service. Appointing us is easy, apply now to get started today.
  2. Have your facility recognised for EPA – If you are a training provider or college with outstanding facilities, you could be recognised as a formal EPA facility.

End-Point Assessment