Develop your Qualification with OAL

Do you have a course or an idea that you would like to see turned into a regulated qualification and seen on the Ofqual qualifications register? Our product team can support in the development of qualifications and associated materials to turn your idea into an OAL Award, Certificate or Diploma. 
The first step is to register your interest and give a brief outline of your qualification suggestion by using this form. 
Once the form is received, you will shortly be contacted by the Head of Product Development who will arrange an online meeting with you to go through your requirements in more detail. 
Your qualification idea will then be put to the rest of the Senior Team for approval to begin the development process. 
You will be regularly contacted throughout the development process, with your expertise and guidance in your subject being called upon to finalise the qualification scope and learning outcomes. Our product developers will use their expertise in the rules and regulations around qualifications and assessment to ensure that your qualification can be approved by Ofqual. 
This process will typically take approximately 6 months from idea to publication, but may take less time or more time depending on the qualification requirements and other factors.
To apply please fill in the form below.

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