Hygiene Specialist

Hygiene Specialists provide specialist hygiene services in areas such as closed plants, sterile environments, food production and laboratories. Hygiene Specialists are subject matter experts who have accountability for setting, maintaining, and implementing hygiene management systems. They provide leadership and support for hygiene activities, including managing health and safety hazards and having an appreciation of environmental risks. They will have a good understanding of microbiology, will analyse and interpret microbiological results and identify appropriate controls. The Hygiene Specialist will determine the audit requirements of the hygiene management system and provide advice and support to other co leagues to ensure it is maintained.


At OAL we are constantly working hard to ensure that we surpass the expectations of the institutions we work with. We intend to support apprentices on the pathway to EPA in any way we can towards a successful outcome. We have adapted various support materials like the process map to the left to make EPA as straightforward as it can be for apprentices and centres alike.