Jill Coyle Nestlé UK & Ireland #NAW2022 #BuildtheFuture


Following on from yesterday’s taster video of the Sharon Blyfield OBE interview, today we continue with a short extract of our interview with Jill Coyle, Apprenticeship Manager (Nestlé UK & Ireland). Jill is a well respected and much loved influencer from the world of apprenticeships who has worked tirelessly to promote careers and apprenticeships within the food and drink sector.

Each short released this week will be in relation to this year’s theme for National Apprenticeship Week “Build the Future”.

Jill has been the lead on Apprenticeships for Nestlé for over 7 years and prior to that worked in learning and development in the dairy industry. She was involved in the development of the EDEN Project, which was vital to the future of Dairy Technology and Engineering in the UK and also laid the foundations for what would later become the Food and Drink Maintenance Engineer Apprenticeship standard. Jill’s commitment and dedication to apprenticeships and to early careers in food and drink has made her one of the most valued and influential voices in the sector. Within the Food & Drink sector particularly, Jill is often seen as the go to person if you have a question about apprenticeships.

Nestlé employ on average between 150-200 apprentices, of which, around 80% are new entrants to the business. Nestlé currently utlilise 27 different apprenticeship standards in their business and have been employing apprentices for over 50 years.

Still to come this week, interview extracts from Cian Short (Bakkavor), Danni Leggatt (Karro), Andy Rayner (Travis Perkins), Louise Cairns (NSAFD) and Sally Garner-Gibbons (Chichester College).  So keep your eye out for these across National Apprenticeship Week and follow the OAL LinkedIn page to see the interviews in full.