Marina and Boatyard Operative

Marina and Boatyard Operatives deliver a variety of operations and services that include vessel handling such as lifting, launching, high pressure washing off and the storage of vessels ashore and the berthing and movement of vessels on the water in accordance with company policy. Operatives must work in a safe manner, complying with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and other information and guidance. This wi l help ensure the safety of vessel users, staff and visitors, along with ensuring the safety of vessels and property within the marina /boatyard confines. In performing their role, Marina and Boatyard Operatives use a range of equipment; they engage with customers, other staff, external contractors/suppliers, and visitors, and this is undertaken in a polite and helpful manner.


At OAL we are constantly working hard to ensure that we surpass the expectations of the institutions we work with. We intend to support apprentices on the pathway to EPA in any way we can towards a successful outcome. We have adapted various support materials like the process map to the left to make EPA as straightforward as it can be for apprentices and centres alike.