About our maintenance and operations engineering technician EPA.

Our end-point assessment services for MOET are now live!

Maintenance and operations engineering technician apprenticeship standard

At OAL we currently provide end-point assessment services for the maintenance and operations engineering technician standard (MOET).

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End-point assessment for M.O.E.T

The end-point assessment includes the following:

  • the employer undertakes a Portfolio based Occupational Competence Validation Interview (Viva)
  • a nominated Professional Engineering Institution (PEI) or Military Independent Assessment Authority (MIAA) undertakes the independent assessment to determine if the apprentice has met the Engineering Technician requirements as defined by the UK-SPEC or relevant Military Professional Competence (MPC) requirements
  • the PEI/MIAA will also undertake an independent quality assurance of the Employer Viva Interview documentation and checks that the employer approved mandatory qualifications achieved during the on programme phase and checked at Gateway 2 have been achieved and certificated.

To achieve final certification, you must have completed and achieved a pass in each end-point assessment component.