Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices

Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices

Since August 2020 this service has supported hundreds of apprentices affected by redundancy but are still needing support to place redundant apprentices to enable them to complete their apprenticeships and find employment.

Apprentices who have been made redundant already have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to add value to your organisation.

Incentive Payments for Hiring a New Apprentice

Employers who hire a redundant apprentice could be eligible for the increased incentive payment of £3,000. They can apply for new apprentices of any age who join their organisation from 1 April 2021 to 30 September 2021.

Find out more about incentive payments for hiring new apprentice.

Support for Redundant Apprentices

To support apprentices who have been made redundant or think they might be in the future, we’ve launched the Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices.

Please share our guide on redundancy support for apprentices with your contacts where relevant.